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~Welcome to my H&D Page *smile*
I left something very special behind
when i moved to Florida,
my best friend Holly. She and i have been
best friends for going
on 9 years. We are soul sisters in every
sense of the word.
We and talk and talk and laugh,
and then laugh some more =)
Holly and I stay in touch.
She and her family are coming to visit soon..
I'll go back to Maine to visit
as soon as it's possible.
I miss you Holly !!
I have created them with lots of love!
I hope you enjoy them,
as much as I do. *smilin'*

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~This page Created and Maintained by Tallglass~
~Created August 11th,2003~


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"Graphics By Dizz"

My Serenity
Dona's Angels

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~I don't claim any of these images for my own,
as far as i know they are of public domain,
and if you should know differently as to copyright,
please e-mail me and i will remove it,
or place your link back banner on this site, which ever you prefer.~