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Hello and Welcome to the second page of Love's Arrival. Isn't it exciting? Happy reading =)

~* Chapter 6 *~

The couple found their way to the big oak, and sank to the ground, quite out of breath. The princess giggled again and said,"I am truly wicked to have stolen out into the night with you. I do feel safe however. I know you wouldn't harm me in any way." "Of course I would not, exclaimed the knight,"I would guard you with my very life if need be. That is what i have come here to tell you, my dear princess. I am falling in love with you." With that, he took Deborah's hands in his and looked into her eyes. "Wait I.." "I must say this", Sir Rodney said softly,"Thoughts of you consume me. I smile the day through, and it is you I think about. My heart skips a beat everytime I see you step into a room, or walk across the courtyard. I know we have spent but a months time together, but I know in my heart that you are the one I have been searching for , and that is you my love." Princess Deborah waited for a bit, thrilled with the news. She could barely conceal her joy. "I too feel the same way as you Sir.", she cooed."Ah, I am so glad you were wounded! Otherwise we might have never crossed paths. You make me feel like no other." Sir Rodney leaned over to the princess and gently pulled her into his arms. He pressed his lips to her cool forehead. Then her cheeks. He trailed slow kisses down to her jawline, and then finally up to her waiting lips. The knight caressed them slowly, easing her mouth open with his tongue and lips. He held her close to him, hands freeing her hair so it cascaded free over the both of them, kissing her passionatly, feeling her heartbeat through the sheer gold fabric of her beautiful gown. It was beating in tune with his. His joy knew no bounds at this momement. He took some of her hair in his hand, and it felt like silk. His other hand caressed her shoulder and upper arm. How soft was her skin. He wanted so much more, but he would wait until their wedding night for that.

Princess Deborah felt weak with desire. Her veins were liquid warmth. His kisses were so soft, yet so demanding. She had never experienced a man before, but she had been told of this. She never thought it would be like this! The princess was breathless with each new assault of his tongue, now dancing with hers. She took her nails and ran them down his strong back slowly, feeling the muscles grow taut and then relax at her touch. She then threaded her hands through his dark, soft hair and molded herself to his body. They fit together perfectly. God, how she wanted him to kiss her forever, everywhere. She pulled back suddenly, and said quickly," We must get back now, before we are missed!" The knight nodded and stood up and then helped the princess. He smiled, placed a final kiss on her swollen lips, and then took her arm and placed it in his. He felt so alive at this momement. So in love with her. They walked quickly back to the castle terrace, where they first sat, and the princess then walked to the terrace edge, looking up at the night sky, silently thanking the heavens above that she found her true love. Sir Rodney disappeared into the ballroom for some icy sherbert punch for them. He returned, and they spent the rest of the evening laughing, dancing the night away.

~* Chapter 7 *~

The knight spent another month at the castle, before he had to take his leave. In that time, he sought an audience with the King, asking him for his daughters hand. The King gave his approval immediatly. He put his arm around the knight's shoulder, and told him how happy the castle had been since his arrival. "If I were to have a son,"the King said,"I'd want him to be like you." They hugged quickly and sat down for brandy by the huge marble fireplace to swap tales of bravery. "We must have the most wondeful engagement party!", cooed Deborah's mother." And then when is the wedding date? And oh, the invitations, decorations, the works!" "October 9th, mother", the princess replied, hugging her mother tightly. Tears of joy flowed freely down each woman's cheeks. The Queen looked at her daughter and said with emotion,"I have waited for this momement a long time my dear. Your father wanted an arranged marriage for you early in life, but I convinced him otherwise. I explained how a woman should be free to make her own choices, especially in love." "Oh mother, how can I ever thank you!", the princess cried,"You both have been so patient and loving. I could not have asked for better parents. You have always let me think for myself. You taught me how to deal with life's lessons, and i learned well. You were there always for me, and now you will stand beside me on my wedding day." The courtyard buzzed with talk of the upcoming wedding. All was good at the castle.

~* Chapter 8 *~

The princess and her knight spent many days and nights together after that. They went horseback riding, swimming, walking hand in hand wherever they went, all the things people do when they are in love. Her father and mother watched her with pride, never seeing the princess so pleased. Time went by quickly. The day of the wedding was upon both of them. The princess was elated that day and could hardly bear it. Sir Rodney sent for his family and people, to attend the wedding ceremony. They came in droves. Princess Deborah and Sir Rodney decided to have an outside wedding, near the big oak. That tree held so many dear memories for the happy couple. The day was mild and warm. The servants scurried about in preparation. A beautiful white gazebo was built upon the lawn for the ceremony. Pink and white roses lined the walkway to it. Fountains were seen on the expanse of the lawn, the water dancing and sparkling in the sunshine. The grand ballroom was prepared. Princess deborah had a dress imported from Paris for the wedding. The shimmering strapless white gown was long and flowing. The train of the gown seemed to be endless. Tiny pearls went all up the back in little clasps. Her dark skin and hair contrasted with the whiteness of her dress perfectly. Fresh water pearls adorned her waist with gold cord. Her necklace and earrings were also pearls. She had decided to wear her hair down that day, in a long braid, gold silken ribbon braided in. Wisps of hair framed her face. Atop her head she wore the finest bridal tiara, golden filligree and diamonds. She wore babies breath in her hair. She was utterly breathtaking. Sir Rodney wore a white longcoat and britches. His white cravat was of the finest silk. He wore a single pink rose upon his lapel. Any woman would be proud to have him as her husband.

~* Chapter 9 *~

The time had come. Flower girls had spread red rose petals on the walkway. Ahh's and Ohh's could be heard from the throngs of people as princess Deborah came down to the gazebo with her father at her side. He puffed his chest proudly as they walked. The queen was dabbing at her eyes in the front row and smiling. Sir Rodney watched his bride-to-be the whole time, dumbstruck by her beauty. The ceremony went flawlessly and the whole castle celebrated all night. Once again, the newlyweds stole out to the big oak for a quiet moment alone. Sir Rodney pulled the princess into his arms and held her, moulding her to him. He held her a few momements, feelings their heartbeats. Then he started just barely caress her lips with his."I have waited all day to kiss you properly," whispered the knight. Princess Deborah felt warm with desire. "Kiss me then my love," murrmured the princess,"Kiss me for all time..I love you so!" "Likewise, my dove, we will always come back to this tree, sharing it with our children and their children." With that he kissed her with an all consuming passion. The kisses lasted through their many years together. They saw their own children play beneath the oak's heavy branches, when they came to visit. And best of all, they loved eachother for all time.

~*The End*~