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Relax..set your mind at ease..
let the tension go..
Take your mind
to a place no one
but you can go..
To a place on your
grandmother's bed
or some other place to lay your weary head
It's time to relax..
All life's trials put to rest
so you can feel your very best..Wake up refreshed and awake..
you no longer feel the ache..
of hustle and bustle of the day..

~*Written By Tallglass*~

Relaxation for a bit can make all the difference..30 minutes of quiet time each day..burn a candle or light some incense..take a hot bath..have a hot cup of caffeine free tea..and remove yourself from the hurry of your day. You will love yourself for it*smile*

Find your quiet time and quiet place under the trees..let your soul rest and your mind wander.




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