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Greetings To All *smile*..Welcome to my will find many different pages here, such as poetry written by myself and others. My pages include tributes to endagered animals, winnie the pooh, planets, angels, a new site called relaxation, a rose garden, an atrium, and a short story written by me.


I made a NEW animal totem page, and a tarot card site, for those of you who are interested. Also, I have added a new link to my

links page, called ~*For My Family*~. They are dedicated to those I hold dear in my life.


Added a new site called ~*Moon Swing*~, for those interested in the moon and it's phases. Also, added an astrology page, for those who are curious about their sunsign. =]

These sites were made with much love..I hope you enjoy my pages as much as i enjoy making them. I have a total of 41 pages at the momement. There is something for everyone, so browse around. Please check back I am updating alot *smile*

Special thanks to all the people who make linkware, for if I didn't have them, my sites would not be so beautiful. You will find all the linkware is linked back to each site, so you may go see their work yourself. Enjoy!

Ray Of Hope
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