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~Welcome to ~Tg's Tigers~ *smile*
I have loved tigers for a long time.
There is something about them.
I have dreamed about them,
and one day i'd like to go to a place
where they are tame, so i can pet one.
Now I can come here and gaze =]
On the Discovery Channel,
there was a wonderful show called
Living With Tigers. Jon Varty,
the founder of South Africa's
Tigermoon Sanctuary, and Dave Salmoni,
a Canadian native from
the Bowmanville Zoo near Toronto,
are raising 2 bengal tigers, Ron and Julie,
in South Africa.
Pleaseclick here to go to

the Tiger Freedom Foundation.
Their site is facinating
if you love tigers as i do.*smile*
I have created my pages with lots of love!
I hope you enjoy them,
as much as I do. *smilin'*

Click to hear a REAL tiger below..

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